A Guide to the Alpine and Subalpine Flora of Mount Jaya

 Author(s) R J Johns, P J Edwards, T M A Utteridge, H C F Hopkins 
 Publisher Kew Publishing, 2006
 Description  Based on five expeditions to the area by Kew and its Indonesian collaborators, and incorporating records from previous expeditions, A Guide to the Subalpine and Alpine Flora of Mount Jaya is a comprehensive record of the high elevation flora of the tallest mountain in South-East Asia, and an indispensable resource for everyone with an interest in the ecological management of New Guinea and the Lorentz World Heritage Area in particular.

• Concise descriptions of all species of flowering plants, ferns and gymnosperms growing above 2,800 metres, with notes on their ecology, distribution and conservation status
• Line drawings illustrating an example of each genus
• More than 70 colour photographs of plants and their habitats
• A succinct introduction to the region’s geology, climate and geomorphology

687pp. 152mm x 240mm. Hardcover.

ISBN 1842460579

 Price £110.00 $181.50
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