Aloes: The Definitive Guide

 Author(s) S. Carter, J.J. Lavranos, L.E. Newton & C.C. Walker 
 Publisher Kew Publishing in association with the British Cactus and Succulent Society, 2011
 Description  In addition to being an important component of the floras of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar, aloes are widely cultivated by hobbyists in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, Africa, India, and other parts of the world. Aloe vera is one of the most important cultivated medicinal plants, and the commercial value of aloes both in the pharmaceutical and the horticultural trades world-wide cannot be over-estimated.
Aloes: The Definitive Guide is a comprehensive account of all known species of Aloe, bringing together for the first time for over 40 years, since the standard works by G W Reynolds, key information, including descriptions, illustrations, reference to protologues, location of types, distribution, habitat and brief notes on diagnostic features and relationships. Dichotomous keys lead to identification of all taxa, arranged in 10 groups based on habit and size. An extensive illustrated chapter on the history of discovery, especially in tropical Africa, adds interest. The text includes a pictorial glossary, bibliography, and index with synonyms.

800pp (e). 267 x 198 mm. 600 colour photographs. 10 botanical paintings. Hardback.

ISBN: 9781842464397

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